‘The Biggest Scam Ever’: How ‘Big Pharma’ Is Taking Over Your Body

The biggest scam in the history of the world was exposed in a new book.It’s called Big Pharma: The Untold Story of the Biggest Racket in the History of Medicine, and it’s a scathing examination of how the pharmaceutical...

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Aussie’s drug to treat opioid-induced anxiety and depression may not be as cheap as the media makes it out to be

The news has been hyped for years now, and now the drug may actually be cheaper than the media is making it out as.Aussie drug maker AstraZeneca has just announced that a drug that was developed for treating opioid-related...

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Complementary Food

Which is the most commonly prescribed herbal medicine?

Health experts have put the number of people using herbal medicines on the rise.Topics:medicines-and-medicine,diseases-and_disorders,health,health-policy,brazil,australia...

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