‘The Biggest Scam Ever’: How ‘Big Pharma’ Is Taking Over Your Body

The biggest scam in the history of the world was exposed in a new book.

It’s called Big Pharma: The Untold Story of the Biggest Racket in the History of Medicine, and it’s a scathing examination of how the pharmaceutical industry has been able to steal billions of dollars from the American people.

Big Pharma is the industry behind the creation of drugs, vaccines, antibiotics, and medical devices.

The drugs, which can be found in everything from toothpaste to cough and cold remedies, were created to treat a wide variety of illnesses.

They have a monopoly on selling these medicines, which is why it has become the most profitable business in the world.

It also has the ability to profit from the public’s ignorance about their safety.

This is where the real danger lies, says Dr. Brian Nosek, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

“The pharmaceutical industry is the greatest threat to the health of this country,” Dr Nosek told Al Jazeera.

“We have a system that allows the drug companies to say that the product is safe and effective, but it’s not.

The real danger is when it comes to public health, and we have a lot of problems in this country that aren’t caused by the pharmaceutical companies.”

What we have now is the biggest scam ever.

It’s the largest fraud that I have seen in my career.

“Dr Nosek has worked as a physician and health researcher for over 20 years.

He says Big Pharma has become a monopoly that’s used to steal from the US taxpayer.”

If you look at the US government and the Department of Veterans Affairs, they are not run by the federal government, but they’re run by Big Pharma,” he said.”

You see, the Veterans Affairs system has a massive budget, and they can spend a lot on these big drug prices that they are supposed to be using for veterans.

“Dr. Nosek says Big Pharmaceuticals are using a lot more than money to fund its research and development.”

So you are paying for a system in which you are putting profit ahead of public health.”‘”

And when you are prescribing these drugs, you’re giving them away to patients and you’re not really paying for them.”

So you are paying for a system in which you are putting profit ahead of public health.”‘

There are so many other things that have gone wrong’The Big Pharma scam, Dr Nosech says, has left a lot for patients and health care providers to worry about.”

There are a lot, a lot other things going on that have been taken advantage of by Big Pharmaceutical,” he added.”

And the people that are responsible are not the government, they’re the pharmaceutical company, and the pharmaceutical corporation can steal money from the people.

“They have stolen billions of people’s health care, and a lot less people have been able or willing to fight back against them.”

Dr Brian Nosehk is the director of the Medical Sciences Research Council at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

He is also an author of the book.

He said that, as a result of the pharmaceutical scam, many Americans are having a hard time making their payments.

“I’m a patient who has a deductible of $1,000 a month,” he explained.

“Most people in the United States who are paying their bills don’t even have enough money to cover that, so the people who are making their own payments, they just cannot afford to pay.”‘

This is just a continuation of what has been happening for years’While Dr Nosehck believes the Big Pharma system is an absolute joke, he’s not alone in his belief that the pharmaceuticals have become too big for the government to control.

“Big Pharma has been a massive problem for decades,” he wrote in the book, adding that Big Pharma is taking advantage of the fact that we’re living in a time of unprecedented prosperity.

“People are living longer, healthier lives, and I don’t think that Big Pharmaceutical has been the answer to our health problems for years,” he continued.

“In fact, we are in a crisis of public opinion, and there are so much other things, a few of which are really bad for the health, that are happening now, and people are paying a lot.”

These are just a continuance of what we have seen for years.

And we are not going to change.

“In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile investigations into the pharmaceutical system, including the investigations into Eli Lilly and Co, Pfizer and McKesson, and several others.

According to the American Medical Association, in the US, there are more than 200,000 deaths each year from opioid overdoses.

The US spends $8 billion a year on pharmaceuticals, and Dr Noseck said the pharmaceutical industries are responsible for more deaths than car accidents, earthquakes, pandemics, and natural disasters combined.”