‘Herbal medicine’ herbs and spices in an everyday grocery shop


— A Florida family is suing an online pharmacy that sold them a homeopathic herbal medicine to treat a rare condition called alopecia.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday in Broward County claims the company misled the family by falsely claiming the medicine had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in children with alopectasia, a rare, aggressive form of childhood skin cancer.

The lawsuit, filed in Browards Circuit Court, alleges the homeopathic remedy was not approved by FDA for use as a treatment for alopechia.

The homeopathic medication, Aloe Barbadensis, is the second of its kind to be approved for use by the FDA for treatment of alopecocephaly, a genetic disorder in which the cells of the body’s skin turn blue and grow abnormal.

It’s a rare disorder, and patients are at higher risk for developing other forms of cancer.

Alopecias have been rare in the United States.

The FDA approved just six homeopathic remedies for alopedia in 2016, and none of them were approved for children with the disease.

FDA officials have said that homeopathic treatments have not been proven effective in treating alopecaecia in adults, although the agency has made no recommendations for how to treat the condition.