Why are Tennessee herbal medicine shops closing?

I know you’ve been asked before.

The Tennessean reports that the state has seen a steep decline in sales and an overall drop in revenue.

That’s according to the Tennessee Department of Health, which told the newspaper the decline was primarily due to the opioid epidemic and a reduction in visits to state-licensed herbal clinics.

In a letter to the newspaper, the department said herbal medicine clinics had seen a significant drop in the number of visits in the past few years, and it was due to a decline in visits overall.

The decline in visitors was driven largely by the opioid crisis and the increase in prescription drug use, the state department said.

The Tennessee Department for Health told the Tennesseans that herbal medicine sales fell by about 13 percent in 2016.

The department noted that in 2015, about a quarter of the state’s $1.3 billion in sales went to the state-regulated herbal clinics, and a third of those sales were to the Tenn.

Care for the Elderly program.

The state department noted the state is facing a $1 billion budget shortfall and a $200 million cut to state spending, so the drop in sales could be due to decreased visits or lower reimbursements to the department.

“If you look at the total number of people in TennCare, about 40 percent of TennCare patients are herbal, which is an important demographic to target,” department spokesman John Raney said.

“The TennCare program is not about being more than a source of pain relief.

The primary goal is getting people into the program and making sure they have access to their health care.

We need to make sure that we have access.”

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