New South Wales herbal medicines ‘breathtaking’

New South Washing, NSW, February 1, 2018 — Australian researchers have discovered a unique strain of medicinal marijuana known as “Rainbow” that may provide a cure for epilepsy, cancer and other medical conditions.

Key points:Researchers from the University of Queensland, University of Melbourne and the University for Cancer Research have discovered the new strain of “Rainbows” is an effective cancer-fighting plantThe research team say it may be possible to produce the plant for medical useThe research was published in the Journal of the Australian College of Pharmaceutical Science.

Professor Mark Egan, from the university’s Department of Pharmacology, said the discovery is “breathing new life into the idea that cannabis can treat a variety of diseases and conditions”.

“The plant has a high tolerance to THC and therefore it’s not a psychoactive drug, so it’s very suitable for people who suffer from certain conditions,” he said.

“Its been shown in animal models to be effective in the treatment of cancer and a variety other conditions.”

But there’s a lot of research to be done to get this to a clinical trial.

“The new strain is a member of the “herbal” family of medicinal plants, the researchers said.

Its high tolerance is likely due to the fact that it contains a small amount of the psychoactive compound THC, which can be detected in marijuana by a person’s own system.”

We’ve shown that cannabinoids have been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory, an anti inflammatory compound, and also as a neuroprotective compound,” Professor Egan said.

Professor Egan and his team say the new strains of medicinal cannabis are extremely potent.”

This is a very powerful strain, and there’s only one in the world that is known to have a higher concentration of THC,” he added.”

So it’s a pretty unique strain that we’ve identified.

“Professor Eau said it could be possible for medicinal marijuana to be produced in a plant that could be grown for human consumption.”

If you have a plant in your home that you can grow it for medical purposes, then you can start growing it, grow it, and you can then test the plant, and if you see that the plant does have a therapeutic effect, then it’s possible that you could start manufacturing your own,” he explained.”

And then it could eventually be used by people who are suffering from a variety or diseases.

“Professor Paul Johnson, from Queensland University, said medicinal marijuana could also be used to treat epilepsy, which has a number of treatments.”

It’s important that we not lose sight of the fact the medical cannabis industry has a long way to go to realise its potential, and I think we’re getting closer and closer to that,” he told the ABC.”

I think the research shows that it has a really powerful medicinal profile.

“Hopefully this will allow us to start to build a larger industry around medicinal cannabis and that the research will lead to more products.”

He said it was too early to predict whether the research would lead to commercial production of medicinal Cannabis.

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