How to Cure Your Weed Problems with a Weed Killer

“The last few years have been really great,” said Jodi.

“We have the whole medical system and the whole public health system at work.”

For Jodi, the biggest problem has been her weed allergies.

“It’s very difficult to be on the same medication and on the exact same dose,” she said.

“I’m not going to do it unless I know that I’m doing it right.” 

For Jodi’s brother, Aaron, a cannabis strain is an alternative to medication that can be effective, even for people who suffer from severe conditions like epilepsy.

He’s also a cannabis advocate who wants to see the FDA regulate the drug.

“There’s no question that this drug has some benefits,” he said.

“We should have some control over it, even if that’s only for medicinal use.”

Jodi said that her mother-in-law would be a great example for other parents to follow.

“She’s like a mother figure to me,” she explained.

“Her family is all that matters to me.” 

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