Indian herbal medicine gets a boost in popularity

People in India have been using a Chinese herbal medicine for decades.

But it’s now being marketed to Australians, too.

A new survey of Australian herbalists says people in the country are starting to seek out the healing powers of this Indian herbal remedy.

Indonesia’s National Institute of Botany said it has surveyed herbalists in the Indian state of Indore to gauge demand.

“This study shows that Indian herbalism has reached out to Australia in recent years,” the institute’s head, Dr. Bali Kausar, told The Huffington East.

It found the majority of herbalists are “in need of funding” and “have received little to no government support”.

“We have a large community of people who have experienced natural and synthetic drugs in India and this is a need in Australia for the health and safety of people in India,” she said.

Dr Kausars work in a rural area of Indores capital, Indore, where herbalists sell their products under the name “Sangshunga”, which means “solution to the illness”.

While the survey was conducted between March and April this year, it is expected to be updated in the next few months.

According to the survey, more than 60 percent of respondents had heard about the herbal remedy, “Lavender” and were looking for it online.

The survey also revealed more than 20 percent of herbalist owners were interested in finding alternative products and herbal remedies, such as “Mulughi”, “Bababhi”, and “Gurukul”.

Gurugul is a herbal remedy that’s claimed to heal the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and is considered a safe and effective remedy for arthritis patients.

Sang Shunga, the name of the herbal medicine used in India, is an alternative to traditional Chinese herbal medicines in Australia.

Source The Huffington

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