How to prevent flu and flu-like symptoms in your garden

Sufi herbal medicines, herbal remedies, herbal teas and herbal remedies are all used for treating influenza.

But they are also used for other illnesses, such as malaria and cancer.

What you need to know about flu and influenza:The flu and the flu-Like symptomsA flu outbreak is one of the major triggers for a flu pandemic, and in some cases, it can cause significant symptoms, such for people with asthma or a weakened immune system.

The flu-Related symptomsA common flu symptom is a cough that lasts more than two hours, with fever and sore throat.

Symptoms may be worse if the symptoms are followed by a cold, and if the cough persists or is longer.

Some people who are at risk of flu symptoms may have other conditions that can worsen the symptoms, like diabetes or high blood pressure.

The main way to protect yourself from flu is to:Get the flu vaccine, get your flu shot, and get tested for flu.

For flu-related symptoms, check with your doctor.

The Mayo Clinic recommends getting vaccinated as soon as possible, to avoid catching the flu.

If you are unable to get vaccinated, you may be advised to:Stay healthy and get the flu shotThe Mayo team of flu experts will discuss ways to reduce the risk of the flu, and how to prevent a possible flu pandemium.