Which herbal medicine brands are in trouble?

With no new listings for the week ending March 19, the herbal medicine market in India remains in limbo.

However, there have been some developments in the past few months.

The market in the country is already in flux.

According to the Indian government, the number of herbal medicine prescriptions has been on the decline, with only around 2.5 million people taking them in 2015.

But in the last few months, a number of companies have been raising eyebrows.

In October, herbal medicine manufacturer A.T.O. Pharmaceuticals said that it was looking to raise up to $50 million to boost its growth in the region.

Since then, other companies have stepped up their presence in India.

Earlier this month, the company announced plans to sell a brand of tea, called Gunganagar, at the Gurgaon airport.

A Gungalagar tea, also known as tea of the gourmands, is a type of tea that is made with tea leaves from different regions in India, as well as herbs.


T O. Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of A.P.

T Pharma, will also begin manufacturing the tea at its Gurgaons manufacturing plant in May.

Meanwhile, another Indian company, Dastoor, has launched a brand called Naga Chai, which is similar to the Gungaagar tea but has a lot more sugar.

Dastoroor is targeting $40 million in investment.

For the week of March 18-19, the market for herbal medicine grew by 1.6%, with a total of 10.8 million herbal medicines sold in India from 1,069,000 to 1,074,000, according to a report by Mint.

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