India’s emergency herbal medicine is safe and effective, says official

India’s emergency medicinal supply is safe, effective and easy to use, according to the National Pharmaceutical Authority (NPA) and the Health Ministry.

The NPA, which is overseeing the manufacture and sale of emergency medicines, said that the products are manufactured and sold in the country by a few private companies.

The products are mainly manufactured in small-scale scale factories and are made from dried herbs, spices and other ingredients that are collected from different regions.

The ministry has said the emergency supply of herbal medicines has reached more than 1,300 million doses since the new year.

It has said about 3,000 million doses of medicines have been distributed to hospitals.

The NFA has said India is a key market for the medicines.

“The NHA has been monitoring the supply of emergency medicine by private companies for the past three years and has found that there is a safe and good-quality emergency supply,” said NHA director general of public affairs, Prabhat Raj.

He added that the supply is not being diverted to other markets.

“As of today, there are no reports of any cases of deaths from overdoses of the emergency herbal medicines,” he said.

The supply of the medicines, he said, is free of charge.

Last year, India exported some 1,400 million doses to foreign countries, and in the past few years the supply has grown to more than 2,000 to 3,200 million doses.

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