Medical cannabis patients wait to find their new doctors

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Medical marijuana patients in Vancouver are holding out hope for a new set of doctors to get them into the field.

They say their doctor has been slow to prescribe the drug and have had to wait weeks for the results of tests and other medical documents.

Vancouver Medical Society president Tim Stuckart says they are hopeful the government will re-open the program soon.

“We are going to have a doctor who is going to be patient-friendly and will give us the confidence that it is safe, it is effective, and that it works for people who need it,” he said.

The medical society has more than 700 members and is in a fight to get a doctor in Vancouver to prescribe cannabis.

In June, Health Minister Terry Lake said he was looking into the issue and that he would have to see the medical evidence before approving a doctor.

On Thursday, the medical society received a letter from Health Canada that indicated that they had been given enough time to complete the initial process, but still have to wait for more paperwork.

Stuckart said he wants to see more doctors prescribing cannabis in the future.

He said they are looking to get to that point and hope that the government has the time to do it.

Health Canada has not responded to CBC News’ requests for comment.

Dr. David McKeown is one of three doctors in Vancouver who are registered as registered medical marijuana physicians.

He is currently working on a report about the medical cannabis program.

McKeown said he and other physicians are waiting for the government to make some changes in order to make it easier for patients to obtain medical marijuana.

We want to get as many doctors as possible, so they are willing to prescribe it and then get it to their patients,” he told CBC News.

It’s a process that has been going on for years, he said, because there have been so many doctors who have prescribed the drug, and now they are going through the same process as us, as we get it in the mail.

But Dr. McKeoff said he thinks the government should re-establish a registry of medical cannabis physicians, similar to what they did with cannabis prescriptions in other provinces.

That way, patients will know if a doctor is prescribing cannabis or not.

This means that the health authority will have the power to issue a medical licence to the licensed producer, and then can order and dispense medical cannabis,” said the spokesperson. “

For the first time, a medical cannabis patient will be able to obtain a prescription for cannabis that is tested and verified by an approved third-party health authority.

This means that the health authority will have the power to issue a medical licence to the licensed producer, and then can order and dispense medical cannabis,” said the spokesperson.

As well, the government said it is also working to bring the medical system into alignment with provincial legislation that regulates the supply and sale of cannabis.

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