How to buy snake venom at Indian grocery store

A new Indian grocery chain is offering snake venom for free.

The serpentina is being sold at the Janshakti Organic grocery store in Janshahnagar.

Janshi Organic has over a million customers in the city and sells products ranging from herbal medicines to home remedies and skin care products.

The brand’s website has more than 50 products including snake venom, as well as its own snake-infused cream, skin cream, and snake oil.

Jenshi Organic is one of the few Indian grocery chains that sells snake venom.

“We have received many complaints from our customers about the lack of availability of snake venom and the price of the product,” Janshari told The Times.

It is not the first time a snake has made its way to the grocery store.

In 2014, a snake was seen in a glass bottle of a brand-new Janshuskti Organic product.

Janshusky Organic is a 100-year-old family-run brand, and its founder and founder-owner, Raman Janshu, started selling snake venom in the country about two decades ago.

“The snake is a natural product that has been developed in India and its availability is a matter of concern,” Jainshu told The Indian Express.

The brand has already made a comeback in India.

In 2016, it was selling snake-based products at Jansho Organic’s local outlet.

The store has also opened a second outlet in Mumbai in 2017.

While the products are available for free at Jainshukti Organic, consumers can buy the snake-shaped snake oil from Janshyakt.

“Snake oil is used to treat a variety of conditions including asthma, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and eczema, among others,” a Jansha Organic spokesperson told The Hindu.

“We are also happy to offer customers free snake oil as well.”

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