New research reveals how herbal medicine works

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this week suggests that using herbal medicine can improve the health of people who take anti-depressants.

The study, which examined the effects of two different types of herbal medicines, looked at the effect of a herbal supplement called Dandelion Extract and a placebo in individuals taking anti-psychotic medication.

The results showed that the herbal supplements significantly improved the mood and quality of sleep.

In the study, participants took either Dandelions Extract or a placebo for three months and the results were compared with the results of the placebo group.

The authors concluded that Dandelional Extract was able to improve the mood, and improve the sleep of people taking anti-“depressant” medication.

Other researchers are already investigating the effects on the brain.

The research is based on a study published earlier this year in the journal Brain and Behavior, in which participants were given a pill containing the herb Dandelonium (the plant name means “blue-green”).

The researchers found that taking the Dandelone extract reduced anxiety and depression symptoms.

The researchers concluded that the results showed the benefits of using Dandelons Extract to improve sleep.

Other research has found that herbal supplements are effective at reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

A recent review of the literature found that in the past 10 years there has been more research into the use of herbal supplements to improve mood.

The review found that many of the existing studies were performed on healthy volunteers and did not consider the potential side effects.

A more recent study, published in Nature Medicine, also found that some people taking antidepressant medication reported feeling better after taking the herbal supplement.

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