Which herbal medicine is safe to use?

On Dec. 4, 2017, the European Union banned herbal medicine from the market after it was found to contain a potentially toxic substance.

The ban was later lifted.

The ban comes as the continent’s health authorities are still grappling with the emergence of a new form of the coronavirus, which has spread across Europe.

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration has been trying to figure out how to regulate the herbal products on the market.

A recent study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives showed that the sale of herbal medicine containing a potentially high level of the substance has increased by nearly 60 percent in Europe.

While the amount of the medicine has decreased, the potency of the herbal medicine has not.

The study also found that people are taking herbal products with increased risk of adverse reactions and death, as well as more severe reactions.

While herbal medicine was banned in the US in May 2017, it is still available in Europe, especially in Germany.

The European Commission has also begun a review of herbal products in Europe and plans to introduce a national regulation in 2020.

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