Foxglove to boost sales of herbal medicine by more than $100 million

The herbal medicine company Foxgloves has announced plans to boost the sales of its superhero pill, Superhero Green, by $100m in 2019.

Foxgloves, which makes the herbicide super-green, says its Green Superhero has been shown to reduce lung and kidney infections, reduce fatigue and improve cognitive function.

The company also said its Superhero Pink has been found to reduce heart attacks and strokes.

FoxGloves is hoping its product will be more widely available than its rival Oxygen Green, which it sells under the name Superhero Blue.

The price of Superhero Superhero will rise by an average of $5.55 a pill to $6.85 on Nov. 14.

Foxes super-hero pill will retail for $149.99, up from $149 on Nov 19, 2019, and is available at pharmacies and Walmart, according to a statement from Foxglotes.

The new price is a significant increase over the current $149 price for Superhero Yellow, which the company launched in January, and also the price it charges for SuperHero Red, which has been around for two years.

The two products share a similar name.