Man who bought $2,500 herb garden to save his home’s Christmas tree dies in hospital

A man who purchased a $2.5 million herb garden in London’s West End and spent $1,000 on decorations died in hospital on Christmas Day, police said.

Police said the man had been in a serious condition at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in east London.

The 27-year-old man bought the 2,600-square-metre property, which he dubbed the “Kool Aid Garden”, from the Londoner who lived there for more than a decade, police added.

He had bought the property for $1.9 million, a spokesperson for the London Ambulance Service (LAS) said.

The man had suffered from severe respiratory illness and was admitted to hospital in a critical condition on Christmas Eve, the spokesperson added.

The estate agent for the estate said the “garden was full of Christmas decorations”.

The garden was originally built by Mr Johnson’s son in 2011.

It was a new home for Mr Johnson to move into, and the house he lived in for three years.

The home has been in the family since his father died.

“He was a really hard worker,” said Mr Johnson.

“When you’re a guy, you can’t take it for granted.”