Trevo herbal treatment: ‘I can do anything now’

The Indian doctor who pioneered the treatment of dysmenorrhoea is ready to give the treatment a try for patients with symptoms of a serious infection.

Dr Natarajan, who runs the Dr Nara Clinic, said he was ready to try out the treatment at a press conference on Friday.

Dr Nataras medicine is the same as a traditional herbal treatment, he said, adding that patients would get relief from their symptoms as soon as they take it.

“I can treat all diseases.

I will treat dysmenococcal, I can treat syphilis, I have tried every treatment that you could think of,” Dr Narsankar said.

Dr Rajan, also known as the “father of the herbal medicine”, was born in New Delhi in 1947.

He studied at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and founded his own herbal medicine company in 1960.

Since then, he has expanded his business into other areas, including biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

The doctor was also the first Indian to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.