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New study finds herbal remedies are effective at combating symptoms of psoriasis

The body is a complex, highly dynamic system, so it is no surprise that we need to know what is going on inside of it.This is where research into the immune system comes in.A team of researchers from the...

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Why herb medicines are helping patients save lives

When it comes to fighting cancer, the world’s most widely used herb medicines might seem to be a long way off.But the use of some medicinal herbs, such as cannabis and peyote, may be making a big difference in...

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Red Ginseng

What is Acupuncture?

Posted October 06, 2018 18:15:56The use of acupuncture has increased dramatically in recent years and now covers the majority of the general population in developed countries.This article explains the history of acupuncture and its role in modern medicine.Acupuncture is...

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