ayurvedic herbal medicine

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How a new herb could revolutionize pain management and health care in the 21st century

The use of herbal remedies and treatments to treat pain and manage the body’s healing response have long been seen as a natural part of life in the modern era.However, as research and development (R&D) into treatments has accelerated,...

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Red Ginseng

How to help a friend’s herbal medicine with a £50 donation

How can you help someone in need?With the UK’s medicinal cannabis industry struggling to find a steady supply, there’s been a surge in online donations and sales, but how to help someone else who’s struggling is a difficult question...

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How to use the medicinal herb ayurveda to help with migraines

As many as 80 percent of people in India suffer from migrainies, and one of the top reasons people go to India is to try ayurveic remedies.The country’s medical authorities prescribe ayurvaves as a treatment for headaches, backaches, arthritis...

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What is herbal medicine?

The name “herbal” has come to be associated with medicine and herbal products.The word “herb” comes from the Sanskrit word ॐय्री, meaning “dew,” which was used to describe a medicine that contained something that was beneficial.As such, herbal products...

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