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What is a “Herbal Medicine”?

Crypto coins are one of the most popular cryptocurrency.However, they are a relatively new and untested coin.This is where a lot of confusion arises.Herbal medicine has become the darling of crypto enthusiasts and is becoming increasingly popular.But, what exactly...

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I got a ‘herbal pill’ from my pharmacist

Seller of herbal medicine from Canada, New Brunswick says it has purchased $40,000 worth of herbal pills from the U.S. pharmacy chain, and now sells the products online.“We had a situation where we were trying to get herbal medicines...

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How to Buy New Herbal Medicine in Thailand

The best way to find herbal medicine in Thailand is to search online for herbal medicine and you will find it on many different websites.This is the case for the new herbal medicine that is popular in Thailand, Ashwaganda.You...

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Red Ginseng

How to find and buy herbal medicine online

Buy herbal medicine certification online through CAMPUS.COM.This service is available to students of pharmacy and health sciences and graduates of universities and colleges in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.CAMPUSHIN MECHANISTS (CAM) can help you find the best herbal medicine...

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