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Kolkata’s herbal medicine african herbal medicine grows in demand

Kolkatas herbal medicine is growing in demand and local residents are using the medicine to treat their ailments.Read full story┬áThe city’s health department has recorded a rise in prescriptions from the herbal medicine.The city has been working to revive...

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India’s emergency herbal medicine is safe and effective, says official

India’s emergency medicinal supply is safe, effective and easy to use, according to the National Pharmaceutical Authority (NPA) and the Health Ministry.The NPA, which is overseeing the manufacture and sale of emergency medicines, said that the products are manufactured...

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How to find and buy herbal medicine online

Buy herbal medicine certification online through CAMPUS.COM.This service is available to students of pharmacy and health sciences and graduates of universities and colleges in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.CAMPUSHIN MECHANISTS (CAM) can help you find the best herbal medicine...

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