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The Secret Science Behind Herbal Medicine and How to Use It

A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that herbal remedies such as the herbal medicine Cylindrical-Lysine (Lys) and Cyl-Lithosine (Lo) were found to improve blood pressure and heart rate.The study also found that herbs...

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Complementary Food

How to start your own cold herbal and herbal medicine business

How to Start Your Own Cold and Flu-Preventable Medicine Business – Mashable article How To Start Your First Cold and Cold-Prevention Product: Herbal Medicines and Herbal Herbs article How Many Products Have You Made: A Simple Guide to Finding...

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How to buy Chinese medicine for Korean patients

When you’re shopping for Korean herbal medicine and want to find the best price, you may have to take a little guesswork.We asked our experts to tell us what the differences are between Korean herbal medicines and Chinese medicine...

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