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Which of these are the best herbs for treating psoriasis?

In a recent survey, the Journal of Health and Medical Economics found that herbal medicine can treat psorias by reducing inflammation and pain, which is why we prescribe it to people suffering from psorosis.The survey found that a combination...

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Red Ginseng

How to use germs to protect your home from flu

The flu season is just getting started, and for many of us, it’s a time to make sure we’re prepared for the flu.This article is about how to make a simple herbal remedy that will help you stay safe...

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How to use Koko herbal medicinal product

Koko, the German herbal medicine brand, is getting a boost with the introduction of a new product that has been created to help treat symptoms associated with the rare disease kuru.The product, named Koko Herb, is marketed as a...

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