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Red Ginseng

Why you should use unlicensed herb medicines and fungi herbs when you’re sick

Some herbal medicines have been around for years, but they are not legally available.The FDA has issued an order to stop selling these over-the-counter medicines and their extracts.Some people are using these unlicensed medicines in the hopes of getting...

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I got a ‘herbal pill’ from my pharmacist

Seller of herbal medicine from Canada, New Brunswick says it has purchased $40,000 worth of herbal pills from the U.S. pharmacy chain, and now sells the products online.“We had a situation where we were trying to get herbal medicines...

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How to make herbal medicine without the oil and water

The best herbal remedies for treating any ailment come in a wide range of forms, and they all contain some sort of oil or water.It’s a bit like cooking, and while you’re cooking, the oil is usually what you’ll...

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