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Red Ginseng

What is a ‘herbal’ medicine?

A “herbal” medicine is a medication that contains the active ingredient or ingredient compounds found in plants and plants products.Examples of herbal medicine include botanical medicine and herbal vitamins.A “medicine” is a generic term for a type of drug,...

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How to Cure Your Weed Problems with a Weed Killer

“The last few years have been really great,” said Jodi.“We have the whole medical system and the whole public health system at work.”For Jodi, the biggest problem has been her weed allergies.“It’s very difficult to be on the same...

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Why are Tennessee herbal medicine shops closing?

I know you’ve been asked before.The Tennessean reports that the state has seen a steep decline in sales and an overall drop in revenue.That’s according to the Tennessee Department of Health, which told the newspaper the decline was primarily...

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