herbal medicine packaging


What to Know About the Herbal Medicine Label on the New Drug in South Korea

The South Korean government on Wednesday unveiled a new herbal medicine label for a new drug, which is already approved for use in a trial.The new label says the drug “cannabis oil for treating severe fatigue and pain,” and...

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Complementary Food

How to tell herbal medicines from home remedies

A few minutes on your smartphone and you might just discover you’re using the wrong kind of herbal medicine, thanks to the way you’re presented with product labels and packaging.┬áThere are many kinds of herbal medicines available in the...

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Red Ginseng

Which herbal medicines should you buy?

The term ‘herbal medicines’ refers to the products that contain or are derived from the plant material in which they are manufactured.It is used to describe any of the medicinal compounds that are used to treat illnesses.Herbal medicines contain...

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