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Chinese government orders crackdown on herbal medicines

A Chinese government ordered a sweeping crackdown on unlicensed herbal medicine on Monday, as the country battles a deadly outbreak of coronavirus.The government ordered all pharmacies in the country to stop selling unlicensed products, but the order was issued...

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Complementary Food

How to make horseradish honey, but not too much

The herb jasmine has been used for centuries for treating ailments and treating headaches and nausea.But many people are allergic to it and are allergic for other reasons.Now, an alternative has emerged: horserade.In addition to its medicinal uses, horseride...

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How to make herbal medicine without the oil and water

The best herbal remedies for treating any ailment come in a wide range of forms, and they all contain some sort of oil or water.It’s a bit like cooking, and while you’re cooking, the oil is usually what you’ll...

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