pulsatilla herbal medicine


A Chinese herbal medicine that helps treat asthma

The Lad bible title The Lad book on herbal medicine article A Chinese-language herbal medicine called the Tibetan herbal medicine known as jalopy (also known as Chinese psilocybin) is being promoted by Chinese authorities and promoted by the Dalai...

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How to buy Chinese medicine for Korean patients

When you’re shopping for Korean herbal medicine and want to find the best price, you may have to take a little guesswork.We asked our experts to tell us what the differences are between Korean herbal medicines and Chinese medicine...

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Red Ginseng

‘Dangerous’ pesticide linked to deadly Oregon outbreak

A toxic chemical linked to the Oregon outbreak has been found in some of the state’s water supplies, prompting a health warning from Oregon health officials.The Associated Press first reported on Thursday that the pesticide, pyrethroid acetate, is found...

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